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Are there any 1 for 1 Dine-in Voucher restrictions?

Yes - do take note of the following before you place your order:

  • Vouchers are not valid on national holidays or merchant-defined exclusion days.
  • Vouchers redeemed on web will only be redeemable on mobile via our honestbee app.
  • Upon check-out, your bill may be subjected to in-store charges or government regulated taxes.
  • Minimum 2 diners per voucher.
  • Maximum 4 vouchers per table per receipt. e.g. minimum 2 diners to use 1 voucher, 4 diners to use 2 vouchers, and so on.
  • The free item must be of equal or lower value.
  • You are subject to the merchant’s own refund and exchange policies.
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